Camilla: You, sir, should unmask. Stranger: Indeed? Cassilda: Indeed it’s time. We have all laid aside disguise but you. Stranger: I wear no mask. Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No mask? No mask! – Robert W. Chambers “The King In Yellow” – MASKS


Aside from extreme animal cruelty, this thought experiment purposed by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935 was to show the absurdity of quantum theory. He basically put a cat in a box with a radioactive substance and trigger to unleash the substance…with no way of knowing whether or not the trigger unleashed the radioactive substance that would kill…

The Bowie Method!

  The Bowie or Cut-up method is a mystical way of putting together a creative masterpiece

Inside The MK Ultra Institution…(TRUE STORY OF MY EXPERIENCE)

I’ve been on a most extraordinary journey collecting information and discovering stranger things about this world than ever before. Stay tuned. There’s A LOT more where this came from. This video, tells the story of my time working inside of the MK Ultra institution, years after the program was shut down. Even still, the dark…


  I always find it funny when I see videos on Youtube, that decipher Illuminati subliminals in the latest rap and pop (pretty much all the same today) music video. Everyone from Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus and even Will Smith’s daughter, Willow, have all been tagged as members of the Illuminati… PLEASE-STOP-SAYING-THIS!!!!!!

The Mysterious Death of Ennis Cosby (VIDEO BELOW)

I REMEMBER, this feeling of fear and darkness the moment I learned that Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis, was murdered in cold blood. The media, then, had led myself and millions of others to believe that this was a random act of violence and that it was just unfortunate that it was the son of America’s “then” favorite…